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SelaQui World School

SelaQui World School,
Chakrata Road,
Dehradun, UA, INDIA.

School Summary
Founded 2002
300 students, 10-18 yrs
International curriculum,
IB Diploma
50 staff.

Why SelaQui
Changing Profile of Winners
Technology induced changes and the crumbling trade & travel barriers have thrown up new opportunities, while stepping up competition in the work place. Workplaces & transaction processes have changed immensely. In this new paradigm, the profile of winners and leaders in this new age is changing too.
Enlarging Role & Responsibility
The schools, next only to the family, have a special responsibility in equipping the future workmen with the right attitudes and skills that would help them become winners and leaders in this new information age. A modern infrastructure, continuing realignment of curriculum and pedagogy and a committed & skilled faculty are essential ingredients of a new age school.
Building Values
As Parents, we are eager to bequeath our rich heritage and a promising future to our children. We are keen that their next generation avails of new opportunities without losing their moral, cultural and ethical moorings.
Winning & Leading Attitude
Our children need to imbibe an attitude of winning and leading. As a successful parent, your search is possibly for an effective collaborator who would attend to your child s scholastic and multi-dimensional needs.

Holistic education encompasses development of the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains. While the degree of proficiency required in these areas may vary with the profession one chooses, it is imperative that students are provided the opportunity for development of each of these domains. SelaQui curriculum is designed to ensure this.
Cognitive domain covers:
Complex thinking skills
Information gathering and processing skills
Collaboration and cooperation skills
Communication skills
Productive habits of mind (critical, creative and self regulated thinking)
Affective domain covers:
Discipline, Responsibility, Values and Leadership
Emotional intelligence, viz, ability to manage emotions, manage ones motivation, empathy and managing relationships.
Stages of development, viz, trust, autonomy, initiative, competence and identity.
Psychomotor domain covers:
Physical fitness - the emphasis is on strength, endurance, flexibility, speed and coordination
Skill at individual and team games
All round development of students is ensured through two complimentary processes. Each student is assessed on the various parameters of each of the three domains. This ensures that they focus on these areas and produce creditable performances.
Simultaneously, through our tutorial system each teacher mentors 8 to 9 students round the year to ensure that regular coaching and counseling is available to them.
At the start of the academic year students set targets for achievement in each of the parameters that are assessed. Their progress is thereafter monitored regularly right through the year by the tutor and interventions provided whenever necessary.
This is reviewed every month by the house mentor and Headmaster.

SQ Faculty
Teacher with a Difference
The SelaQui School positions the teacher at the pinnacle of the learning process-but with a difference. The teacher is no longer the provider of all knowledge. He or she is a facilitator , who uses the new technology to motivate the students to explore for themselves the world of knowledge. Motivated and inspired, by the opportunity of learning to Innovate, and Innovating to Learn, the teacher at SelaQui continuously renews and updates subject knowledge & pedagogy.
The teacher is a leader and motivator; role model and mentor; learner and innovator; Leading by example.
Comfortable with convergence technologies, as tools for learning and evaluation, the teachers extensively use multi-media and audiovisual classroom aids.
A Mentor and Role Model
The teacher at SelaQui, in varying capacities of subject teacher, house tutor, house mentor or activity guide or a fellow sportsperson, develops with the limited number of students under his/her charge a close rapport & relationship that comforts and inspires the student to learn and grow in an atmosphere of affection, warmth, trust, togetherness and openness.
Positive and enabling environment enables the student to delve into the treasure of talent and merit within.
A First Learner
Keeping in view the rigorous demands of our curriculum and pedagogy, teacher training and capacity and competence building are at the core of the learning processes deployed by SelaQui. While the school closes for 90 days in a year over two breaks of 45 days each, the SelaQui teacher avails only 45 days of annual holidays in a year. The rest of the time (45 days in two blocks of 22/23 days each) is devoted to faculty development programs (FDP) to update and continuously realign subject content and pedagogy.
The school is also exploring the possibility of exchange programs with some of the leading schools worldwide. Teachers from the participating schools will spend 4 to 6 weeks at each other s school to study their school systems and adapt the best learning practices.
Headmaster s profile

A vital bridge...
...between knowledge and learning

The campus is self-supporting and self sufficient in every possible way with its own power back up, water supply and sewer systems.
The campus is supported by 100% power back-up by captive power generation and the hydro-pneumatic water supply systems with complete water treatment facility to ensure uninterrupted power & clean water supply through the day.
The extensive telecommunications and data network on the campus ensures 24 hours connectivity for the students and faculty.
Separate and spacious, modern hostels for boys and girls, with a feel of home away from home. Elegant and neat attached toilets provide running hot water. Neatly laid out room furniture ensures provision of basic comforts.
Fully automated, state of the art kitchen ensures clean, hygienic, balanced and nutritious food for students.
Classrooms provide subject specific learning aids with each one being equipped with multi-media projectors. Text based learning is supplemented with audio-video resources and a rich digital library that creates a lasting learning experience.
SelaQui supports its own riding school with pedigreed horses. Comprehensive sports infrastructure for Swimming, Athletics, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Hockey, Cricket & Shooting. Gymnastics and Squash courts are under construction.
Sports specific coaches conduct coaching programs.
Comprehensive facilities for performing and visual arts; theatre, dance & music, sculpting, painting, gardening and a host of other activities. A unique art and sculpture centre inspires creativity.
The school shoppe provides all essential necessities of daily life. Uniforms, stationery, toiletries, tuck and all necessities are available at the school shoppe.
The school has a two tier medical cover for the students. At the first level, a well-equipped school infirmary, AROGYA, with a resident 'on campus' nurse and a visiting doctor cater to the prophylactic treatment and routine medical checks including emergencies, if any. At the second tier, super specialty mini hospitals or nursing homes provide medical cover.
A world of facilities... .
For a world of knowledge


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Last modified June 24, 2008